diumenge, 12 de juliol de 2009

Tonight tonight tonight I wanna be with you tonight

15 days ago I left Sweden and I still miss it. I think that this is normal, it is only half month that I have come back to my house but I have the feeling that I will miss it forever. In fact Sweden is not very far away, so I suppose that now you are thinking that I can go again; yes of course I can do it and I hope that I will do it. But what I really miss is Sweden with my Erasmus friends, this will not repeat again although I am sure that we will meet again in other places.

I have been only five months with them, and this time is enough to miss my Erasmus friends. I imagine that everybody have something that reminds them their experiences. In my case there is a group of music that reminds me Sweden: they are Billie the Vision & the Dancers (The majority of people will recognize this group because Estrella Damm has used one of his songs, summercat, to make the summer advertisement). I discovered this group in Sweden and after listen Summercat I began to looking for more songs of this group and finally I realised that they are great. Now I am listening City (a song of Billie the Vision & the dancers) and it reminds me Stockholm, and as the songs says, I think that I like this city. At the same time that I am listening it I remember the city, in the winter and in the summer, his bridges, the streets...and also the people. After this I wonder what I will do after the Erasmus but it does not seem easy to answer.

Although all these has finished, tonight tonight tonight I wanna be with you tonight.

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