dissabte, 26 de febrer de 2011

In people ISFIT trusts

It was the afternoon of 11th of February when I landed in Oslo, where I had to catch another plane to Trondheim, where ISFIT took place. At the same moment I came in Oslo airport, I felt the smell of Kanelbulle, which meant that I had arrived in Scandinavia. Around 6 o’clock I landed in Trondheim.

I cannot explain my expectations of ISFIT before attending to the Festival, actually I had not defined it because I didn’t know the activities that we will do, although I confirm that whatever were my expectations, ISFIT has beat it.

In ISFIT 2011 we have spoken about the health and how to globalize it. Students from 141 different countries have discussed about this issue, and also we have received some speeches, which have been very interesting; for example the one that did the swedish doctor Hans Rosling from Karolinska Institutet, who explained the health’s development in the countries related with their richness and education.

Moreover, ISFIT is more than these. ISFIT is also a meeting point where are born different friendships between students from over the world. During the Festival, the students of every workshop work as a team and everyone helps each other, and this happens thanks of the organizers (I will speak about them in the next article), because they know how to motivate the people and make that everybody feel in the same team.

Despite all it has been said, there is only one thing that makes ISFIT special, and at the same time different from another meetings that can be organized. ISFIT is organized by students and only the students are the ones that manage the festival. After attending to ISFIT, I can say that all the volunteers have done a great job, as the festival has successfully developed.

In the closing ceremony the president of ISFIT, Jørgen Westrum Thorsen, told us that “it is only the beginning”, and it is true. During the festival we realised that a better world is possible, we saw the ways through we have to work together and we cannot miss this commitment. In people ISFIT trusts, so it has given to us the opportunity to work together and at the same time to learn from each other, with the goal to report it to society in a near future. It has been a great experience to take part to ISFIT, and also a pleasure to know all the people that I have known.