dimecres, 30 de setembre de 2009

A curious journey

Last Saturday I had the luck to be in the first concert of Billie the Vision & the dancers that they did in Catalonia (the concert was in Barcelona). The concert took place in the old factory of Estrella Damm (one of most famous beers in Spain), an strange chance. I told this because this group has become famous in Catalonia because Estrella Damm used a song of them (Summercat) to make the summer advertisement of his beer, which was filmed in Formentera (island near Mallorca). Because of this the group Billie the Vision and the Dancers has become very famous (Formentera too, but the difference is that before this advertisement people knew Formentera, not the same with Billie the Vision).

So, last Saturday Catalonia and Sweden met in these concert (the groups that played were Manel, Billie the Vision and The Hives), and it was great, a magic night during the major parties of Barcelona.

I would like to focus on Billie the Vision's Concert. It was full of people and 99% of them only knew the song Summercat (the advertisement song) although from the first second everybody give all the strength to Billie the Vision. I think that was around 9 o'clock P.M. That Lars Linquist (the singer) and his band appeared on the stage; he wore a shirt with the shield of Barça, with this action and after speaking about Zlatan he putted all the people in his pocket. They began with the song Groovy, good song of the last CD and was after 6 or 7 songs that they played Summercat; you cannot imagine how people got mad when they began the song, so this song was the favourite of the majority of people and one of the main reasons why all that people were there. After this song began the best part of the concert with others famous song as A men from Argentina, Overdosing with you, I've been having some strange dreams, I saw you on the TV. To finish the concert they chose Vamos a Besarnos, yes, good election to finish the performance.

It was strange a thing that happened to me during the concert; when they played the song Stay awake I remember that for some seconds I was in Stockholm, in Riksten, Gamla Stan, Slussen, Bjorkulla, in the square next to Medborgaplatsen, Sergels Torg, in the Old airport near my Swedish house, sitting on the terrace of Herman's... I was in all this places with my erasmus friends. The best moment of the night was that and I have to give the thanks to Billie the Vision and the dancers, they brought me for moments to my life in Sweden with the people that shared this experience with me.

Tack sa mycket and vi ses snart but this time I wish we meet in Sweden.

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