dimarts, 13 d’octubre de 2009

...and I could not eat Surstromming!

I will never forget the day that I opened a can of Surstromming. First of all I am going to present the actor. Surstromming is a northern Swedish dish consisting of fermented Baltic herring. He is famous because of his smell, impossible to describe and impossible to bear.

I bought it when I was in Sweden and I brought here to share it with my family. The woman that sold me it advised me telling that if I lived in an apartment and I opened it there I will have problems with my neighbours so I had to open it in a garden, a forest, a field...outdoors and far from everybody (all that made me think about if this fish could be eaten without having to go to hospital after eating it). When I arrived in my house after the Erasmus I opened the package and I realised that the top date of consumption was over. Actually, this was not a real problem because I thought that it was impossible that the fish smelled worse, on the other side, what I decided in that moment is that I will not eat it (but I wanted to open).

To carry out the great achievement (open the can) I went with my brother and a friend of him who had been living in Denmark for four years and he knew Surstromming too. I had some problems to open the can (it was so hard) and I only was capable to make a small hole, and from this hole came out as a bullet a jet of liquid. After 3 seconds of opened it I realised that I could not stand the smell, it was horrible, and I tried to finish rapidly the opening of the can but It was impossible with my tool so I tried others ways to open the can but it was impossible too.

Finally, following the advices of my brother and his friend I threw the can of Surstromming in the rubbish (I could not open the can, I did not know how to face up the smell... but the main reason was that the top date of consumption was over, if not I would have tried to open the can and maybe eat it).

Some days later I explained it to a Swedish friend and she told me that Surstromming is unbelievable good; according to me it smelled unbelievable bad although after thinking about it I decided that one day I would like to taste Surstromming in normal conditions with the instructions and the company of a Swedish friend.

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  1. Interessant tema el del peix aquest. Per cert, on has après a escriure tan bé en anglès? Anaves a l'Eica?

  2. Doncs a l'EICA no!!una mica més lluny, a Suècia, vaig estar-hi sis mesos!!
    M'alegro que t'hagi agradat!(ara hauries de provar el peix, tot hi que no t'ho recomano,jeje)