dijous, 1 de setembre de 2011

The History of Everything

Summer holidays have already finished, at least for me. They have been quite long and I have been able to enjoy it with my friends and we have done wonderful plans and meeting.

I have liked and enjoyed this summer because I have not only spent it with my local friends but also with some friends from abroad that I have done during these lasts years, and it has made that this summer has been different.

Firstly I had the pleasure to receive the visit of some friends that I knew when I attended to ISFIT in Trondheim, and secondly I had the opportunity to go to Lisbon and meet some friends from Erasmus which I did not meet since I left Sweden.

With the firsts ones we enjoyed Barcelona for a few days and we visited it together as well. Barcelona is a city that every foreign likes and especially Scandinavian people. Last summer I returned to Sweden and I met friends there, and this year, to the contrary, I have received Scandinavian friends in Barcelona.

With the friends of Erasmus we met in Lisbon, a great place with great people that apart from the experience of knowing a new place, I met some Erasmus friends there which I missed since 2009 I left Sweden and although two years had happened since it, we could meet again and feel as we met in Riksten, Björnkulla or Stockholm.

Great summer, which maybe I do not deserve but great anyway.Tomorrow I am going to begin the work with a big smile.

I wish that I could see you soon – Herman Düne

2 comentaris:

  1. Of course you deserved such holidays!! I am happy you had a good time with your "locals" and your "erasmus friends". Let me tell you that I was very happy to meet you and Carles yesterday. Guy, give me a coke! the others want a beer! OMG! Soon I'll be able to tell you what is up there in France!

  2. I am so happy about your decision to go to Tarbes, for sure you will enjoy it a lot (and the one who tells it to you has experience about it), so my friend enjoy this kind of "holidays" and don't waste any second of your stay!!