dimecres, 1 de setembre de 2010

Where the ocean meets my hand

Since the day that I left that place, I have wished every day to return there, and after a year I have got my desire.

It was a Saturday afternoon and from the Flygbussarna (the bus that takes you in the airport and brings you to the city) we could see Stockholm, nice as always but cloudy and ready to rain. During the days before going to Sweden, I have to recognize that one of my main concerns was the weather, because it is said that august is the wettest month in Sweden. Despite the weather of Saturday, we were luckily and we had nice weather the rest of the days.

Is not the same Stockholm in winter than in august, and the majority of time that I lived in Sweden it was very cold and snowed. In summer people walk and sit on the streets. The Swedish people and some tourists too, are in the terraces of bars drinking some beer or soda.

Once our bus stopped in Cityterminalen we headed to our hostel, which was in Gamla Stan, the old city. We walked until Sergels Torg and after we walked through Drottninggatan, one of the most commercial streets of Stockholm that join Norrmalm with Gamla Stan. Our hostel was in Skeppsbron 22, and once we had arrived in Gamla Stan we walked around the Royal Castel to get to our street.

After several minutes we arrived in Skeppsbron (in Swedish, the ship’s bridge). In front of me I had the Best Hostel Skeppsbron and in my back I had the Baltic Sea, so I turned where the ocean meets the land and where the ocean meets my hand, where I could feel the Swedish’s winds blowing again.

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