dilluns, 20 de setembre de 2010


Yesterday took place the national Swedish elections, and Fredrik Reinfeldt (the head of the center-right coalition) won the elections.

First of all we have to congratulate the coalition for winning the elections again, after they won it in 2006 and they finished with the hegemony of the Social Democrats. We have to remind that the Conservatives won the elections because they promised “social policies”, which are more common between the lines of the Swedish Social Democrats, and we have to say that the Conservatives has passed the exam with a good mark.

However this time the Conservatives have not won with majority and sure that they will have to make some political pacts. We have to speak about the phenomenon of The Sweden Democrats, who has got around 20 seats in the Swedish Parliament. After the results one of the firsts words of the main political parties (the center-right coalition and The Social Democrats) were that they had not got any intention to pact with the racist party (Sweden Democrats), so it has opened a lot of ways of pacts (perhaps a pact between the Conservatives and the Green Party).

Anyway, what we have to analyze is the rising of the called “racist team”; I think that the other politicians cannot ignore the will of thousands of persons; I mean that if this team has got this results we have to look for why, 20 seats is not a chance. One of the causes of this result is the economic crises, which has hit the Swedish society despite the efforts of the government to avoid it. During this last decade a lot of immigrants have arrived in Europe and in Sweden too, and when the crises arrived, problems like unemployment appeared, and it hit the government because the taxes that it collected decreased, with the consequence that the public services became worse, and this is one of the main concerns of the Swedish people.

Immigration is a phenomenon that if you have, you have to accept it, and you have to try to integrate these people in the society, and at the same time the immigrants has the duty to make efforts to integrate in the new place that they have arrived.

In conclusion, the rising of parties like Sweden Democrats is not uncommon in Europe, and to avoid it we have to implant policies to regulate immigration, but never with the aim to discriminate. We have to control the immigration, although it seems quite difficult in a country where the 20% of the population are immigrants, and this is the case of Sweden, where can appear some racist parties if you don’t implant any serious policy to control de immigration.

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