dimarts, 21 de maig de 2013

Mourinho, the party is over

Yesterday Florentino Perez, the President of Real Madrid, announced in front of the Media that Jose Mourinho will not be the coach of Madrid next season. Even the attention was focused on Mr. Perez yesterday at 8 pm this new did not surprise anybody, or at least to the ones that we had followed the previous months of the Spanish football.
Jose Mourinho came to Madrid to beat Barça and win the Champions league, or this was what Madrid’s supporters expected or thought. Unfortunately it did not happened cause Mourinho has won only one league in 3 years, and what is more, he has not been able to win the tenth Champions League of Real Madrid (at this is the major problem that he has had).
Since Jose arrived in Madrid he has been trying to beat Barcelona through the Media weapon because he realized that although he had great football players he could not win Barça on the pitch. An example is that he said that Barça won cause he had the referees on his side.
The last thing that has happened (and according the supporters of Barcelona the most hilarious one) is that Jose has been punishing all the players that faced up him and this lead into sitting Iker Casillas on the bench (one of the symbols of Real Madrid). The President and Madrid’s supporters have allowed all these actions because they really thought that if this was the way to success they had to accept it. We have already got the result of these three years, and even Florentino Perez said that overall the result was positive, no one can believe it, Jose Mourinho has damaged Real Madrid during these three years; he and the institution has gained more enemies and he has not taken the most of his players.
The most interesting thing is that the real problem of Real Madrid is not Mourinho but is Florentino. He has a lot of money but not idea how to manage a Club and who has to take the decisions, and although the Institution has elections in a couple of weeks probably he will be the president again, and this will not be convenient for Real at all.
On the other hand Chelsea supporters and UK media are very excited because Mourinho is leaving the Spanish League as it seems that he will come back to Chelsea. I really do not understand why they love him (maybe they expect that he will bring Chelsea to the top again) but what really surprises me is that they like the way he acts and his rudeness.
English people and Chelsea supporters know that they will not be able to find such a rude and a comic guy among the English coaches so they want him as an actor that not only is good at football but also he performs like the bad character, and they love it.

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