dimarts, 31 de maig de 2011

The value of having values

During these days we have seen that in worldwide Barça has been one of the mains characters. Media from over the world has spoken about this team, his play and his achievements. Pep’s team has shown which is the best way to play football, and job well done has no boundaries as well.

As I am a supporter of Barça you will guess that I am completely proud of the successes of this team, so that during these lasts years Pep’s team has took a page in the book of football history, and what is more, it is said that this team is the best ever.

When people say that a football team has go down in history, probably it is because this team has achieved a lot of goals and he has win a lot of cups in a short period, for instance Milan of Sacchi, and we find Barça of Pep between this list, although in this case it is not only because of the cups. This Barça has shown that it is possible to win through a nice way to play football, and at the same time doing it with players from the own school whom you have invested time to teach how to play football since they were children. And when you do it, not only you are implementing a football system, but also at the same time you are teaching values that share the entire institution.

In addition, Barça has demonstrated the value of having values; every member of the team trusts in his mate (players, coaches…), and they know that successes depend on the entire team and not on a single member, and they know that every success needs the help of every member to be achieved as well.

I hope that you enjoyed the final of Champions League of last Saturday. Although Manchester United is very good team and Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the bests coaches of the world, they were not able to beat the best team of the world, and maybe the best team of the history. Anyway, Red Devils should be proud of the match that they played and the way they faced up Barça, as other teams that have played against Barça in Champions League during this season, they have not been so brave.

… and when Abi raised the cup I almost cry. They became King of kings.

Song: Don’t stop me now - Queen

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