dimecres, 2 de març de 2011

God bless you

During the ten days that I was in Trondheim I had the opportunity to meet people from over the world, and also to talk with all of them and learn a lot from different cultures and different countries.

It was my second experience in Scandinavia, although it was quite different than the Erasmus I did in Sweden. This time not only I could meet people from over the world, but also I lived in a house of people from Norway and I knew about the country and also his culture.

When you arrive in a new Country and you meet new people, it is important that some of the members of your new group take the role of joining all the people and make that we feel in the same team. This was what the organizers of my workshop did, and they succeeded. I want to give my sincere thanks to Ronja, Seb, Nemanja, Thea and Erik for their dedication and time invested. All of them helped us to integrate in ISFIT and also in the workshop, and they made that all my mates and I enjoyed our time in Trondheim.

I also want to give my thanks to my hosts, Aleksandra and Paul. Both hosted me and I felt very comfortable in their house. I also had the pleasure of eating moose and have a nice talk with them during my last dinner in Trondheim.

Finally, I have to speak about all my workshop mates. It has been a great experience to meet people from over the world, to share our experiences and of course to make strong friendships. We had a lot of fun.

Tusen takk to:

Alvin, Seb, Young Bin, Uros, Salim, Nemanja, Masha, Laila, Jeff, Gohary, Enida, Ditta, Carolyne, Zienab, Thea, Ronja, Lily, Karim, Igor, Francisco, Emre, Hari, Candini, Beatrix, Dawa, Els, Erik, Hugo, Lilla, Michelle, Olia, Yash, Aleksandra and Paul.

Also I give thanks to all the students that have been working hard during these lasts two years, as they have achieved that ISFIT has been a great Festival, and also to all the people that I knew and we enjoyed together those ten days and I haven’t written their names.

See you soon!

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