divendres, 21 de gener de 2011

Glad tidings from Trondheim

Next February it will be celebrated ISFIT (The International Student Festival in Trondheim). It takes place from 11 to 20th of February. 450 Students from over the world will go to Trondheim to participate to this festival (ISFIT 2011 has received 4300 application forms) and around 400 volunteers will help to organize it. ISFIT was created in 1990 and it is celebrated every two years. This is the most famous festival of students of Scandinavia, and in the lasts years, people as Dalai Lama, Mikhaïl Gorbatxov and Bill Clinton have participated to this festival.

The topic of ISFIT 2011 is the health and how to extend it to the society. All the students will discuss it in different workshops, and they will expose their points of view and how it works in their country. There are different workshops (economy, politics, education, sport...) all of them related with health and how they affect to it. ISFIT aslo organizes concerts and other events for the students that participate to the festival.

I am one of these 450 students. Next February I will go to Trondheim (Norway), to attend to ISFIT, I will be in the workshop of the sport. I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate to ISIFT, and sure that I am also very lucky.

I will explain you about the experience, sure that it will be great, and I hope that I will learn a lot from my mates.

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