dijous, 7 de gener de 2010


This year has been one of the best of my life, I cannot ask for more.

To summarize why it has been so good I could speak about the main points; in my own field there is the Erasmus that I did in Sweden, to live in a new country, all the great people that I knew there... as the majority of you know, it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Another thing is that my brother had married, great new. All these have made that 2009 has been a wonderful year for me!

Moreover I cannot forget the achievements of F.C. Barcelona; nobody had seen it before as this Barça has been the best of the history and no team can overcome what has done this Catalan team, only it is possible that in the future somebody wins the same, but no more.

Not always when I think about the year that I have left I am so proud of it, but in this case yes. Now the important is that this New Year should be as good as the other, and it depends on me, what I know is that 2010 will be very different, I will not do another Erasmus and perhaps Barça will not win the same of this year but it does not matter.

The truth is that if 2009 has been so good, it has been thanks all these people that have shared this year with me.

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  1. Holaa!:)
    no sabia que tinguessis blog!
    jajajaja soc la Imma.
    que tinc blog no ho sap gairebé ningu pero m'ha fet molta gracia i t'havia descriure!jajajja

  2. Caram quin blog que tens!amb música i tot!!
    Doncs mira jo miro de promocionar el blog per el facebook però és difícil,jejejeje!!

    Un petò*